Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tulsa Regionals

Some of you know I got to attend my very first regionals on Saturday in Tulsa. My friend Diane who was supposed to go with me was experiencing some health issues and generously offered her ticked to our mutual friend Erin. My hubby was scared there for a while he would have to drive me to Tulsa, ha ! Erin has never been to Regional seminar either so it was exciting for both of us and it was so nice to have a buddy. I was hoping Shelli would be there and she was, she was very inspiring and came across as such a nice genuine person, I could not help but have a picture taken with her, ha ! The projects were beautiful, the techniques were wow, the displays were awesome (found 5 of my cards there !! what an honor), the swaps were great and everyone was so friendly. We had a great time. Sorry it took me a while to get over here and post some of the pictures, things were very busy right after I got home and the time change has really affected me this year, so I am now finally getting back to normal. Below are some display boards, I know you will enjoy the beautiful cards - hope you find your cards there too!

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